Leslie & Brent - the couple

Without further ado, here are the photos of Leslie and Brent - you've seen some, but there are many more! Everything was at the Renaissance, so I got to spend every spare minute photographing them - I NEVER get to do that! They were also troopers and braved the cold to get the shot. Have I mentioned that I like them?

I loved taking advantage of the classic feel of the wedding - and I think this fits right in :)

it was so easy photographing in the crystal ballroom - the light was sooo perfect!

I loved photographing Leslie - she's such a beauty!

this one's definitely a favorite - it's in the elevator! I love the strong light and the mirror :)

This is my all-time favorite bridal shot - the dress, the veil, the flowers, the window and drapes - it's gorgeous! But I may be kind of biased. . .

Leslie - you probably already know, but you have stellar eyes!

since I had lots of time to take photos, I got to play with my light. I'm pretty happy with it, too!

Brent's not so bad, either :)

this is just moments after they said 'I do' - and I love their huge smiles!

night shots are my favorite - this one's graciously provided by Washington Ave :)

[if you couldn't tell, I really like that big light]

The End!

Thanks guys for an awesome New Years! Brandon and I had a wonderful time - thanks for having us with you!


Beth Berry said...

Bride on the red couch is like out of a magazine...Love it!

Lisa Hessel said...

These are great! I am especially loving the bw shot of the two of them outside.

Ty Hopkins said...

I love the first one of the bride. She looks so elegant. And her dress is gorgeous!!

Von DeVore said...

What a stunning couple! You did wonderful as usual. Love the grandness & majesty of the bride in the big tall window!

Rose said...

The Bride in the elevator should be in Vogue...amazing