Mallie & Scott part II

Yesterday you got to see all of Mallie and Scott's details, so today you get to meet them! I met Mallie at the Omni downtown, and then we headed to the ceremony/reception site, the beautiful Randall Gallery. I was also lucky enough to be joined once again by the talented Beth Berry.
Lots of photos for this one, so get comfy!

this one's definitely a favorite!

I love the soft lighting in this one - it looks like a Dutch painting :) another favorite!

my all-time favorite group shot! thanks to the Omni's lobby [they didn't mind me moving around all of the furniture]

we had some time to play pool :)

Beth got this great shot of Scott playing pool, too [once Mallie and the bridesmaids had safely gone, of course]

meet Mallie - the ever-radiant bride :)

meet Scott - can grooms be radiant too? I'm not sure how to describe him here :) Handsome! That's it :)

Scott and him mom danced the Shag to 'Jump Jive and Wail' sung by his brother - the coolest thing I've seen at a reception, well, ever!

these night shots were extra fun since it had rained earlier, and the street was really shiny - I like this one a lot!

Thanks guys!

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