Tanya + Bret

Geez, was October the month for engagement sessions or what? I think I had about a dozen or so in the last 2 weeks!
First up was Tanya and Bret, on a crisp day with some fall color shining through the trees. We met at Sasha's and hung out over a drink, then wandered around the De Mun neighborhood and we all had a capital time [I just finished reading Little Women, and they said "capital" a lot. . . .so I've decided to follow suit]

a little slow dancing on the sidewalk to start things off. . . .

love it!

. . .ummmm I'm pretty sure this is their reaction when I . . .sat down. . .rather quickly and unexpectedly.

even though I didn't plan this angle, I really like this shot! anything to get a genuine laugh, I guess :)

playing in the leaves!


so romantic :) and not planned at all *ahem*

yes, I know it's blurry. I like it that way :)

they're really great [and gorgeous] together :) I love this one, btw.

I love that Bret likes to joke around :)

the light that afternoon in Concordia park was gorgeous!

The End! Thanks SO much guys - I'm looking forward to your March wedding!


Beth Berry said...

Love the staircase black and whites! Cute couple, I'll be your 2nd for this one :)

Danielle said...

I love everything about these pictures...everything!!

Michelle said...

Hey! He looks a bit like Colin Farrell, mate!