Christine + Justin

On a lovely fall day, in the loveliest of tiny Illinois towns, I had the pleasure of shooting Christine & Justin's wedding. I met the bride and her maids at her parents' house:

simply elegant

Dad taking refuge with a paper amidst a house full of women all getting ready at the same time :)

they all walked to the chapel - conveniently right across the street :)

such a gorgeous day! not a cloud in the sky.

so quaint, so beautiful :)

these little buggers hung around all day - everywhere.

the chapel is part of McKendree College in Lebanon, IL - meaning lots of great landscaping and beautiful old buildings :)

my favorite bridal shot of the day! [I heart my 50 1.2!]

I know I posted it before, but I really like it :) [My assistant Tracy and I searched for the perfect leaf for quite a while :)]

This is Justin. He's happy [and lucky!]

I felt I was being watched. . .


not staged AT ALL - they just took a second for themselves and I was quick enough to catch it :)

the light, the leaves, the whole day was lovely :)

I love this old tree :)

so cute together :)

after hanging around campus for a while, we headed to downtown Lebabon - the cutest little town ever :)

then, when the bridal party wasn't looking, I stole the bride and groom for 10 minutes and took them to a little field I spotted on my way into town. I'm really glad we went, and I couldn't have timed it better! check out that light!! I really love this one :)

on to the reception!

yet again, simply elegant :)

this cake knife was Justin's grandparents' - heirlooms are neat :)

The End! Thank you SO MUCH you guys for a lovely day :)


Jamie said...

These are gorgeous-- love them all! :)

It's kind of like a look into the future for me since we are getting married there in May. Might even be the same reception site? Hard to tell from the particular pictures of it here.

PQ said...

gosh megan, you are just fantastic!