Holly + Jeremy

It was cloudy and cold, and I know Holly was freezing, but there is definitely a lot of love there :)

poor Holly - I was in a coat, jeans and boots and I was freezing - I still feel bad for her :)

she still worked it though! definitely a favorite.

Soulard is full of architectural interest, and since it was daytime and during the week, not too crowded :) most of you may know it's quite the opposite on a weekend night!

they're so cute together! and check out that AWESOME necklace!

I decided to stop torturing her and let them change, and then we added their adorable boxer, Marley, to the mix :)


I'm pretty sure I asked if she wanted to go bye-bye :)

doesn't she look like a supermodel here?

so sweet :)

I couldn't resist - such a cool sign!


Thanks SO much for a great session! I'm definitely looking forward to your wedding in April!

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