Kristina + Tim

I gave a little 'sneaky peeky'- as Kristina put it - on Friday. And, drumroll please . . . here are the rest!

This kind of tells the story of the day - red and sparkly :)

I'm in love with all of the gorgeous lace on her dress! So pretty!

I almost stole her bracelet. Almost doesn't count, right?

I took a lot of pics of Kristina - can you tell why?

This is Tim. He's about to see his bride for the first time. He's happy.

meeting your groom can be emotional :)

since they decided to see each other before the ceremony, we had PLENTY of time to take a lot of cool pics around the hotel:

I LOVE this shot!! Then again, I'm a sucker for dramatic lighting ;)

this hallway had BEAUTIFUL light, but was painted a nice tangerine color which presented some problems - but I'm happy with the result!

On to the church!
beautiful! I love black magic roses!

uh oh. . .almost time!

here come the waterworks again. . . I think it's cute ;)

more waterworks [still cute]

Yay! Mr & Mrs! You can tell they're made for each other :)

i heart fun bridesmaids :)

the light in Belleville was gorgeous that day! Luckily it was before Daylight Savings Time, so we had lots of time for pics :)

the reception was at Scott AFB, so we took some pics around the base for awhile [and took some apropos 'military style' pics]


she died her crinoline bright red - great idea!

on to the reception!
Kristina picked out this GORGEOUS black damask linen. . . which I became a little obsessed of.

it's even on her cake!

pretty :)

off to the limo! an early flight to Hawaii had to be caught :)

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mxq said...

what a gorgeous wedding! i love that last shot!