Hilary + Cory

Cute couple, friggin' gorgeous day. I'll let the photos do the talking.

she has to do this a lot. he's reeeaaally tall and she's reeeaallly short :)

I absolutely LOVE this one! it may be my favorite of this session :)

then again, I really like this one too :)

a little foreshadowing here [their reception will be at the W. F. Pavilion :)]

yes - in case you were wondering - I love her shoes [funny enough, I own the same ones in red!]


The End! Thanks guys for an awesome session - can't wait for your wedding in September!


Beth Berry said...

What a cute dress! And great sunflare...why doesn't mine look like that?

Lynsey T said...

I love all of these images...very soft and beautiful. Her dress is super cute too!