Lola is the CUTEST 9 week old Cairn Terrier - and I got to play with her for a few hours ;) Right at the peak of cuteness too. She weighs about 3 and a half pounds, has puppy breath, and her hair is ridiculously soft. The only drawback was the biting [oh was there ever some biting], but it was worth it :)

puppies just love to eat that shootsac!

nothin better to wear out a puppy than a good stick to chew on :)

awwww! I love those ears :)

haha - a girl and her dog :) she may look familiar if you read my blog a lot. . .

puppy butt!!!

hahahaha - this makes me giggle every time :)

sooooo cute!

"plz to let me up?"

the scale thing was a good idea, but the execution took a long time :) maybe a smaller puppy next time.


I love photographing puppies :)


Beth Berry said...

OMG so cute! I miss having a teeny little puppy!

Taisiya said...

I love her!! I think the Scale pic is definitely worth it!!!