Lauren + Zach

Lauren and Zach were married on a day with, quite possibly, the most bizarre weather I've ever encountered. I was driving to Fox Run Golf Club and had to slow down to about 40 [which if you've ever ridden with me you know that's really unusual!] due to the really heavy rain. Then when I arrived, it cleared up and got really sunny. I'll tell you more as the post goes on. . .

Let's start with the details! Beautiful flowers, an adorable cake, and a ring shot I'm very proud of:

pretty neat, huh? they're spooning :)

this is Lauren. she has incredible eyes.

They opted for a 'first look' to make the day go smoother, and it always works!

here's Zach, ready for his bride :)

this way we had plenty of time to get wedding party shots before the wedding, and after the ceremony they could do whatever they wanted!

they laugh a lot. I like that.

now off to hide before the ceremony!

uh oh. that doesn't look so good. This was taken at 4:41pm - 9 minutes before the ceremony was to start.
well, it rained. hard.

the wedding was in a pavilion - outdoors.

haha! I love this one :) they were already waiting around the corner to make their entrance, and it started raining. plan b - hide in the bathroom :)

it got really windy, but all the guests just huddled under the pavilion like it was no big deal, and after about 10 minutes, it cleared up. weird.

but at least they got a rainbow :) it looks really strange because the sun was shining on the trees and bushes in the foreground, but the sky was still really dark. . .

Now let's get married!

do you think she's happy? um, yes.

then it was a beautiful day :)

definitely a favorite!

I love this one!

they're a cute couple :)

and they love to have fun with photos - my kind of people :)

Thanks guys for a beautiful and eventful day :)


Emily said...

Beautiful work, Megan. I LOVE the rings-in-spoon shot - SO AWESOME! I also really love how you captured the girls in the rain. Goes to show you that even if idealistic "wedding day perfection" doesn't happen, it doesn't mean things don't turn out. They can, in fact, be more interesting, more fun, and more meaningful :) Yay!

Brandy said...

You're photos turned out amazing!! Thanks for making the memory of Laurens wedding so beautiful! You really captured the day...and what a crazy day it was with the wacky weather. Beautiful!

Andra said...

fantastic b/w portrait of the bride looking into the window - my fav for sure... well done - enjoy your blog!

Lisa Hessel said...

awesome, Megan! These are great :). And I heart the spoon :).

glamazini said...

Where. did. they. get. those. bridesmaid. dresses?!!!! O_o

AYEEEEEEEE!!!!! *faint*