Jessie + Pete

Jessie and Pete didn't have an engagement session, which sometimes makes me nervous as I'm heading to meet a bride to begin their day. Typically the engagement session allows me to see what kinds of people my clients are and how they work together and how I can document it. I wasn't nervous heading to Jessie's bridal suite though. Through various emails and her gmail status updates that always made me laugh, I could tell that Jessie was witty, VERY smart [more on that later] and just undoubtedly cool. They're so cool that they took an adventure honeymoon in Peru, and now they're living it up in Boston. That kind of cool. Oh - I also quickly discovered that she also has impeccable taste when it comes to everything wedding.

simple, understated, yet supremely elegant. the theme of the day.

Believe it or not, her friends put together the bouquets! I was floored! They're so gorgeous! Plus, they delivered them in very appropriate containers. Jessie [and I believe almost everyone in the wedding party and lots of the guests] is a Biologist. Real scientists!! I felt a little intimidated and tried not to say anything stupid. Not that Jessie or her friends judge, they're incredibly nice, but ya know.

I love this shot of the flowers, but I love the next one equally. I couldn't decide.

I love this dramatic, intimate light, and I love the shape of the J'adore bottle - perfect for a ring shot :)

I like it :)

she is so STUNNING! I love this shot. A lot.

so serene and beautiful - I love this one too :) In fact, I love a lot of the shots of Jessie - she's very elegant and easy to photograph.

On to the Piper Palm House, where everything took place [!]

almost ready to see his bride for the first time. . .

so cute together!

I always have the bridal party wait somewhere else during the first meeting, to give the couple some privacy. These girls have the right idea :)

REALLY digging the lighter tuxes these days!

Tower Grove is so beautiful!

DEFINITELY a favorite [though not my absolute favorite - they come later!] this reminds me of an English garden, which is fitting because that whole day I felt I was in a Jane Austen novel.


back to the Palm House to get hitched!!

that is one proud dad :)

I love the puppy dog eyes he's giving her :)

see what I mean about Jane Austen-esque? breathtakingly beautiful.

Yay! The new Mr. & Mrs!

Now off for some time alone [well. . .almost. I was there.] in the carriage!

We stopped at the Carriage House where we took my favorite shots of the day. Possibly the year.
Oh. My. God.

I love this one SO much! I love just about everything! The only thing I don't care for is the fire extinguisher. Maybe I should've photoshopped it out.

you can't tell it from these pics, but it actually rained a little that day. right before the ceremony. then it stopped, and the sun came out at exactly the right moment - and I love that it did :)

again - breathtaking. this was taken at the private residence in Tower Grove on Magnolia - you know the one I'm talking about? who the heck lives there? anyway, we used their yard. and we whispered while we did it :)

brick pathways are neat.

so sweet!

the seating cards were adorable - little chairs :)

I love this quiet little moment between just the two of them right before they were announced. hmmm. . .I'm kind of a voyeur, huh?

the band was good! too bad I don't remember who they are though. . . anyone know?

a perfect late-summer's evening outside in the park. *sigh* It was awesome :)

Thanks Jessie and Pete for being such awesome clients! Congratulations!


Beth Berry said...

Great post Megan! These are all amazing!

Hilary said...

The band is Boom! They are really great! Very fun!