Katie + Travis

Katie & Travis were married on an overcast September day in Cape Girardeau, and I loved shooting every minute. I went to high school with both of them, and several members of the wedding party - it was really nice knowing my couple really well :)

cute shoes - and only my 3rd bride ever to have a real sixpence in her shoe :)

her 'something old' - her Grandmother's watch [or was it her Great-Grandmother's? - regardless it was beautiful and very delicate]

yep. they got the car from their engagement session! I love the raindrops - the pink in the reflection was from my second's umbrella that she was holding over me :)

I love this shot - it looks like an old photograph :)

they were all very tall. of course I'm very short, but I feel even shorter when the groom and a couple of groomsmen are over 6 feet tall!

his gift from Katie was a pocket watch - I love when heirlooms are started :)

cute! that's his Grandma :)

my second was able to catch this emotional moment right before it was time to walk down the aisle

very cool atmosphere - all of the lights in the sanctuary were off

she had a little stool she pulled out to stand on for their first kiss - very cute! everyone laughed :)

i heart rose petal exits :) too bad a lot of churches won't let you do it anymore!

one of my favorites from the day :)

a fair was in town :) and of course, a wedding isn't complete without a pic with SpongeBob!

LOVE this one!

the dragon ride operator was kind enough to let us on for a few minutes [come to think of it, if you're wearing a wedding gown and a tux, you can get away with almost anything!]

ha! my second caught this one too :)

tall fields are on the top of my list of favorite locations to shoot

they pull off a 'serious' face well - but only for a few seconds. mostly they look like this:

one of the funniest Best Man speeches - although it doesn't hurt that he's a friend from high school too :)

always a tearjerker :)

The End!

Thanks Travis and Katie for a great day!!

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