Emily + Neal

Emily and Neal are getting married in a fabulously creative and unique [because that's the kind of gal Emily is] ceremony next June. We met a few weeks ago in Tower Grove Park to take a few engagement photos. A 'few' is quite the understatement.

they love Jake . . .

and each other.

I love Tower Grove Park :)

such a cute family :)

you had to be there. it was funny :)

nothing like a little slow dancing in a public park to complete silence - and they handled it very well :)

dang. I just love my 50 1.2!

rockin' it out on the Stegosaurus [yes. I had to look it up. I would not do well on 'Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader' on the bright side, I found out that the Stegosaurus has a fan site]


Wardrobe! Scene!

I LOVE this one. I especially love all the garbage. Even more though, all of the shades of gray [I do really like that part - the trash I could take or leave]

so pretty!

cute couple, eh?

The End! Thanks guys for a fun afternoon, and I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to June 12!

**LOTS more to come - I've been shooting nonstop, and will be for the next 2 weeks. 11 more shoots before the end of the month, not to mention last week and this weekend!


Andra said...

Your captured their emotion so very well - love the shots - lots of personality!!!

Taisiya said...

Great Shoot! love the red chair.

Emily said...

Can't stop looking at them, Megan. Everyone keeps raving, too... you'll be booked through 2059 before you know it! :D

We just love them. Thank you so much. Pure talent, sistah!