The Pearson Family

Leanne called me recently wanting some family photos, and some photos of her soon-to-be daughter! I love maternity photos, so we worked out a date. When I got there that evening, the light was just perfect - you can see it below. We took these right away :)

see what I mean? that fall light is awesome!

they had lots of great spots for portraits all over the place - and Leanne is gorgeous!! I had a great time :)

she's got that 'serene mother-to-be' look down pat!

tickle tiiiiiime!

our version of the Demi Moore pose [rated G] :) Isn't she beautiful?

I love the big belly!!

Thanks Leanne! Call me when she shows up :)


Beth Berry said...

Wow...that mom is gorgeous! I hope I look that good pregnant someday!

Dennis Bullock said...

Megan the light was so great. Wonderful work!