I had the pleasure of photographing Aiden a few weeks ago at his house. I got to take his first pictures about a year ago, right after he was born, and his mom asked me to do it again now that he's a whole year old :) He got so big! He's such a boy, too :) Here are a few from that day:

he got to ride around for a while, and I got to bug him while he did it :)

then when he got bored he ran off to do something else! I got quite a few shots of him running away :)

here's another one :) I like how babies wobble.

then he got to play with Dad

then he showed me his room, and his awesome caterpillar-thingy. if you squeeze his antennae, he sings!

but you have to squeeze reeeaally hard!

then we had reading time

this one's definitely a favorite! I love how he has his legs crossed! SO cute!


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