Jody & Jeff, the couple

Today you get to meet Jeff and Jody :) First up, the very lovely Jody. Her hair and veil are gorgeous and were so much fun to photograph! Check her out!

and here's Jeff, looking very dapper before the wedding :)

I love that light! So pretty!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

we went down to the wine cellar for a few dramatic shots - these are some of my favorites

The End! Thanks guys for having me at your wedding!


Von DeVore said...

Hi Megan.
Von DeVore here...from the STL Bash a while back. Love the dramatic shot at the end. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love, love that veil!! Beautiful shots:o)

Dennis Bullock said...

What a great day Megan! I love the vintage look and the car was a great addition! +1 on the shot that you love!