Megan & Colin

I had the best time with Megan and Colin - they are super laid back, have a great sense of humor, and they brought along Lacie and Cody! You already know that I love when people bring along their dogs for their session! We hung around Laumeier Sculpture Park and got some great shots in the beautiful fall light.

I try lots of tricks to get dogs to look at me, especially by saying words they like and will respond to. Sadie [my beagle] likes 'leash' 'grandma' 'walk' and 'fraggle rock' [I'm not sure why - though it was really funny when we figured it out]. So I always ask what words their dogs like. I love that the word that Lacie and Cody respond to is 'squirrel.' I'm pretty sure that's what I said to get this shot :)

That's Lacie on the left, and Cody on the right. Soooo cute!

this is Megan and Colin [in case you didn't already guess] :)

we had fun being goofy with the sculptures [rather, I had a lot of fun having them be goofy]

standing on the giant caterpillar [?]

the beautiful sun came out at the end, just enough for a few sun-kissed photos. Love it!

Thanks guys! You're awesome!

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