Labor Day Fun!

Yesterday I took the day off and spent it doing practically nothing. It was really nice :) Brandon and I took the dogs to Elephant Rocks. We're only about 15 or 20 minutes away, but it's not too far from St. Louis either - maybe an hour and a half. It's a perfect place to go have a picnic and play on the 500 ton granite rocks - and it's free! The dogs had lots of fun climbing on them - they tired out pretty quickly :)

Brandon with the dogs amongst huge granite boulders

our little Rocky!

Sadie was constantly trying to pull me through tight cracks in the rocks, and looked at me like that when I told her we couldn't. She's so pretty!

We found a spot to take a family photo - our first one!

this is classic Sadie - she's tired [you can tell by her eyes - I've been her mom for 5 years and I can tell these sorts of things] but she still has a huge smile.

It was a good day.


Fallan said...

I love them all! it's like every picture, Sadie's tired but thinking "must...keep...climbing"

Michelle Ross said...

I love how Sadie's tongue looks like a giant playground slide!

Beth Berry said...

It amazes me how much Sadie looks like our Baxter! I've never heard of that place before...looks fun!

Melissa said...

Sadie's tongue is ridiculous. Ha!