Kristen & Josh - part I

What a wedding! Kristen and Josh are so fun, and Kristen is gorgeous! I had a really hard time narrowing down the photos, so I'm gonna split these over 2 posts. First up, we have Kristen getting ready and all of the fun before the ceremony. Here are my [many] favorites:

she smiled like this all day :)

her hair was simple and beautiful. I love hair jewelry!


this is my absolute favorite getting ready shot ever. i love it!

who wouldn't post a lot of her?! she's stunning!

the flowers were impossibly gorgeous. Kristen has such great taste, I'd expect nothing less :)

her something old

she's so fun!

anticipation . . .

Stay tuned for more - lots more!


Beth Berry said...

Wow what a gorgeous dress and a gorgeous bride!

PatrickWR said...

Good work, Megan!

Georgia said...

The pictures so far are stunning! I am so excited to see the whole album. You were so professional, calm, and creative for Kristen and Josh's wedding. I would reccommend you to anyone for any event.
Georgia-Kristen's sister

partymetroid said...

My sister is beautiful! :)

Your eye for scenes is simply stunning as well, Megan. :)