Perfectly Puffy Pomeranian Puppies

I love dogs. This is no secret as I've mentioned it numerous times before on the blog, and I have two myself. I love meeting and photographing new dogs too, and have had the opportunity a few times this summer. When I got an email asking if I could photograph 3 pomeranians, I jumped at the chance - how could I say no?!

First up is Klaus - the adorable, lovable, chill pom:
he has a lion haircut :)


I likes belly rubs.

the family :)

Next up are "the littles" as they're affectionately and appropriately called:
they love to play :)


after they played themselves out we took it inside to attempt to get them to sit still - and they did very well :)


This is Kit - she's the beauty of the house :)

you gonna share that treat?

This is Smalls. He's . . . um . . . small.

hallo. I have big hair.

sleepy :)

yes, they're both sitting comfortably on a dining room chair - love the tininess!

Thanks for still reading up to this point - it got a little weird and mushy there for a second. Oh well - that's me - weird :)


jen said...

oh. my. god.

how adorable is THAT???!! you made my day...

Kim said...

Adorable! I have a Pomeranian and I must have over 300 shots of him. I swear he poses for me!