Heather + Eric : part 1

Heather and Eric were married a few weeks ago with a lovely evening ceremony. They had enough forethought though - they scheduled a combo engagement/bridal/bride & groom session a few weeks before the wedding, so we'd have plenty of daylight and time to do them justice :) I'm so glad they did! They now have LOTS of portraits of them together as bride and groom, and they day of their wedding wasn't rushed or hurried to try to fit them in before it got really dark outside.
We met at Forest Park, and they brought their new addition to their growing family:
this is Lisel. she's adorable. and very tiny.

oh my.

I couldn't resist grabbing some portraits of her, but then back to business :) We did their mini engagement session:

then a quick change and we took some bridals of the lovely Heather:
I LOVE her dress - the lace is so delicate and looks very vintage [and very me :)]

another 'oh my.' she also has a weakness for shoes - I feel for her :)

the lace looks gorgeous in black and white, but her eyes are electric turquoise! I had to keep it in color.

such a handsome groom :)


I really like this one - it reminds me of a portrait from the 20s - classic :)

The End! Next up is their beautiful and elegant wedding :)


Beth Berry said...

Really pretty! and what a cute dog :)

Michelle said...

She is BEAUTIFUL in that dress. So delicate and feminine! And great taste in puppies, too ;)