It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like

Christmas! I love Christmastime :) A lot. I have my house all decorated [well, it's been up for over two weeks, but I just now got the rest of the house cleaned up and ready for photos]. It looks a lot like last year's decs, but a little different. Just a lot more silver glass ornaments - I sort of have a problem.

[had to sneak in one of Sadie]

I'm trying to find a wreath made of just a whole bunch of different sized silver ball ornaments but can't find one anywhere! I always see them on tv and can't understand why I can't find one. Pier 1 has one that's similar, but still has some tinsel in with it - I just want the ornaments. Anyone have any ideas of where to look? This red berry wreath is from my front door - and I want to put it back so the outside looks festive too :)

I like birds :) Well - not actual birds - just bird-shaped things. I have 7 in my Christmas decor [I think. . . .yep. 7.]

the 1.2 aperture artfully hides a messy kitchen :)

I just found this awesome wavy mercury glass plate - isn't it cool?!

The End! I have lots ready to go up this week - an engagement shoot, a dog shoot [!], a wedding, and a 3 for 1 blog with some family stuff I've done recently. Stay tuned!


PQ said...

i love your decor! it might be a pain but have you thought of making your own wreath...?

cant wait to see your new posts!


ashley said...

i was gonna suggest making it as well. i was looking at christmas stuff on etsy and found this one


brit @ landlocked bride said...

Love this! I'm jealous, too because I love to decorate for Christmas. We're in the process of moving, so we haven't really decorated much this year :(

Lisa Hessel said...

I love this, Megan! You've got such great style :). I remember last year when you posted some pics of your decor and I actually saved a few of them because I SO want to paint a room that lovely shade of blue when we move :).

ariya said...

hi! OMG! can you come to kuwait for a photo shot? my brother's wedding is next may! not that we don't have photographers but you capture the moment! ^^ tell me if its possable!! thank you!