Fran + Charlie

I love this couple :) They're so fun, easy to talk to, and have great and unique style. Not to mention they gave me a glass of wine, some good cheese and bread [more on that later].
We met at Forest Park on a cloudy day, but luckily no rain to bum us out - and we got a lot of great shots:

LOVE her dress!

I love all of this next series!

favorite of the day. hands down.

gettin' crazy! I was inspired by a recent Anthropologie catalog [the COOLEST catalog, btw]

so cute together :)

they both have great smiles ;)

Then they set up for their picnic - SO CUTE! And awesome. . .this is where the cheese and wine came into play :)


The End!

These two are going to have a really cool, intimate wedding in August and I can't wait!
I fully expect you to hold your breath and wait for it.

just kidding. sort of.


Lisa Hessel said...

love these! Beautiful :).

Taisiya said...

I just love the picnic idea! Very original!! Great fall colors too!!