Tour of Missouri

So the Tour of Missouri came through Farmington today - about 45 minutes ago. I took some pics, but I didn't have to go too far since they came right in front of my house! Unfortunately Blogger is having issues and I [and a ton of other people, I found out] can't upload photos right now. Boo.
Stay tuned. . .I'll get something up.

Update: they fixed the problem!

here they come! [that's my car in my driveway on the right. . .and the volunteer protecting it. or the riders. probably the riders.]

how do they not run into each other?

and after about 15 seconds, it was over.
big time excitement for this really small town!

lovely trailer I live across from, huh? trust me, my house is a lot nicer than that. I keep waiting for a big storm to take it away [don't worry - no one lives in it. I'm not that mean!]


glamazini said...

YAY! We spoke with one of the bikers on Monday =)

Jamie Suhre said...

Me and a few of Gabe's family went and watched on Tuesday by his house and I watched at Cape too! I loved it! Great pictures!

Jen said...

I was down by the courthouse at the start point. I was wondering if you'd be out in front of the house. :)