Coby + Mike

Coby and Mike were married on what was quite possibly the most gorgeous August day. I don't know if she did it on purpose or what, but she definitely planned her day to make my job easy! To start it off, everything was at the Sheldon, including where she got ready:

I LOVE her dress! and I have a minor obsession with the doors at the Sheldon.


this is Mike. he wasn't nervous, but I think he was ready to get the show on the road :)

they had a first look! I love those! We were able to fully utilize the day - lots of photos and they still got to socialize at the cocktail hour.

mom and dad watched from a distance :)

Coby - you're beautiful!!

awwww - so cute :)

I took the bus with them downtown for a lot of photo time. . .

the arch is fun :)

I love this shot of them!

fun shadows!


I love these!

oh but wait - there's more! we went to my favorite alley!!


I can see a BIG canvas of this one in your house already :)

I took a lot of Coby. I'm sure you can see why :)

they laugh a lot.

definitely a favorite!

. . .on to the ceremony!

while they were enjoying their cocktail hour, I took some pics of the reception room [bonus of having everything at the same location]

then the fun began!

possibly my favorite toast photo. ever.

when the bride and groom dance, everyone does!

even Grandpa :)

and they were smart enough to take a few minutes to themselves on the balcony [well, plus me obviously. I promise I was quiet :)]

Thanks SO much Coby & Mike!! Congratulations!


glamazini said...

OMG Megan!!! The table reflection picture and lighting on the toast picture were to die for. You flippin rock!

ok back to lurking *woosh*

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Megan!! All these shots are amazing. You ROCK!