Erica • Class of '09

Remember that fantastic heat wave a few weekends ago? It was super windy, but also SUNNY and not raining! It was bona fide spring weather! Anyway - I was lucky enough to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a Senior shoot with Erica. I met Erica years ago at an art class I took in high school - in fact I drew a portrait of her when she was 12 [?]. Her mother called me up a while ago and asked me to take her senior photos - I was excited to a. see her all grown up and b. to photograph her amazing red hair!

She looks just the same as I remember her years ago, just grown up :)

her hometown has AWESOME places like this to shoot - I couldn't get enough!

isn't her smile pretty?!

I think this one's my favorite - look at that hair!!

yup - windy. she rocked it, though :)

I LOVE this photo and the next. Maybe these are my favorites. Ok - this and the one below are my favorite wide-angle shots. That works.

All grown up. And she's such a stunner!

The End! Thanks Erica for the great shoot! I hope you like these as much as I do!

And. . . .

I dug through all of my old cds and found the drawing [well, sketch. that's closer]! I dated it August of 2002 - so that would make her 11 and me 18 :) Aaaahh high school. Good times :)


Von DeVore said...

So cute! Amazing hair.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl with amazing pictures!

Beth Berry said...

Megan, these are fantastic!