Baby Jack - he's here!

Right after I posted Jack's mommy's maternity shoot, she emailed me to tell me she had arrived! About a week ago we had little Jack's session, and he was soooo cute and so sweet! He was awake for most of the shoot, but I never heard a peep :) Here are a few from that session:

he was awake, but we started off with a biiiig yawn. That cute little outfit was his uncle's, 30 years ago - I love that!

this one's my favorite - he has such big eyes!

he decided to take a bite out of the rug :)

Dad let him look around at something other than the ceiling or floor - babies tend to like that :) Check out that look of wonder!

I like the 'frog baby' pics :)

the whole family - so cute!

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Beth Berry said...

I like baby jack's outfit in the first picture :)