Coby + Mike

I met Coby and Mike on the Loop a few Saturdays ago, and had a fun time taking photos [well, I had fun - and I just assumed they had a good time too. How could they not? I'm cool :) ] It was sunny and springy - just what I've been waiting for. I've done a lot of cold and cloudy shoots and it's time to change it up!
On to the photos!

they're very relaxed around each other and you can definitely tell they have fun when they're together :)

Coby has a great smile [and great taste - don't you love that shirt?!]

lots of laughs that day :)

i like these kinds of shots :)

This was hilarious! I haven't had anyone do this . . . she's little but she's strong :)

so warm and happy :) definitely a favorite.

another favorite :)

and another favorite :)

Thanks guys! I can't wait for your wedding this summer!

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