Kylie + Matt

Kylie and Matt had a beautiful and intimate winter wedding - the best kind :) They are the cutest couple, their love is visible to anyone who looks at them, and they treated me like family all day. I really like my job :)

this is one of my favorite moments when a bride gets ready - the moment when she's swallowed in a sea of white dress

I think this may be one of my all time favorite bridal portraits - so calm and serene!

Her bouquet was gorgeous - a classic ball of red roses, but with some sparkle added in. And it smelled awesome!

it took a while to get these kids out of their shell. . . . of course I'm joking! They definitely love the camera!

Matt - he hid his nerves well for this photo :)

immediately after the ceremony we caught the last few minutes of daylight - love it!

so beautiful!

Thanks guys for a wonderful day!


Lindsay said...

I love the colors on the one that's yellowish where the couple is out of focus and the grass upfront is in focus. Beautiful pic!!!!!

Mama Lisa said...

I know Im a little bias but these have to be the most gorgeous pitchers I have ever seen!!!! They look so in love and happy! they are both very "SPECIAL" !

Mama Lisa

Lil Sara said...

I am so very blessed to have been a part of this beautiful day! From what I have seen, these pictures came out amazing! I can't wait to see more! :)

Father of the bride said...

Daddy Rod says I HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER IN THE WORLD.I wish both of them the best.