Leslie & Brent + New Years Eve!!

Leslie and Brent were married on New Years Eve at the fabulous Renaissance Grand downtown. Everything was so beautiful and sooo much fun! They truly love each other and they are both such warm and caring people - all of their guests were treated like royalty, including me. I never felt like I was working at all - I just got to go to an awesome party :) Heck, I was just happy that I had plans on New Years [I'm typically a pretty boring person who ever gets out]
Today I'm posting just the details - Leslie has a great eye, so really fun details were everywhere! I'm starting with the shoes, as usual - and Leslie had the most fun shoes I've photographed so far! Check out these babies!

her 'something blue' - love it!

I think she needs to get a REALLY big print of this one to hang in her living room :) Heck, I'm thinking about it!

I think this is a record - THREE photos of the shoes! I just really like this fun detail :)

their rings, all snuggled up together :) I know quite a few girls who are drooling over Leslie's ring right now! Including me :)

A very pretty cake, in the very pretty setting provided so graciously by the hotel :)

something to set the tone for the evening :)

the bouquet - luscious and dark and very dramatic. perfect!

she had this fantastic estate diamond bracelet that I'm totally in love with

the Crystal Ballroom - my new favorite venue

the groom's cake, because he really likes baseball :) I REALLY like their sense of humor :)

the ice sculpture, and the signature martini that was served off of it

the fireworks that marked the start of the new year.

Thanks guys!

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Beth Berry said...

This wedding really was fantastic! You really captured the details!