Christine & Shane - part II

On to the wedding! So to recap - it was a really really cold day, the bride and groom are amazing to work with, and I was joined by the talented Beth Berry. Enjoy!

if my dress was a gorgeous as hers, I'd look like that too :)

She's in there somewhere!

I can't resist the buttoning up pics :)

Christine - you're gorgeous!

Beth waited with the guys for the first meeting - nice shot, Beth!

. . . .did I mention it was cold? It snowed a little that afternoon!

I call this one 'Anticipation'

"Oh, hello! Funny seeing you here!"

I love love love those colors! When she told me about them during their e-session I knew the wedding was going to be beautiful!

they're a really cool couple, so I gave them a really cool shot :)

yep. we were all really excited about this one! [well, maybe except for Nathan - the barefoot guy]

They braved the high 20s temp for this shot - and I'm so glad they toughed it out!

Thanks guys so much for an awesome day!

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Beth Berry said...

That gray wall is just like you envisioned...they turned out super cool!