Christine & Shane - the details

I'm back!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - I definitely did. It's been awhile since my last post, but not because I don't have anything to do - I just got a little swamped so I haven't had time to churn things out :) So - without further ado - I present to you Christine & Shane's wedding. It was a REALLY COLD day, but I love this couple - they made the day fun and they braved the cold for some good shots. I also love that they let me choose the location for their photos :) Christine has great taste and is very detail oriented, so their wedding was full of personality. Hence today's post - just details!

Very cool shoes - I love when wedding shoes aren't "wedding-y"

I love her colors! Her bouquet was the pink one, her bridesmaids carried the yellow. They were both gorgeous!

this beautiful brooch in her hair was her grandmother's

Also her grandmother's - her grandma had a lot of cool stuff!

Christine wasn't the only one with awesome details - check out Shane's tie!!! That has to be the coolest tie I've ever seen!

The church: The Catholic Student Center at Wash U. That painting made for awesome ceremony pics :)

the bling! very vintage and very sparkly :)

Great design was everywhere! Thanks to Beth Berry for getting this great shot :)

thanks to Beth again [I was busy takin' pictures]

can you tell they like OU? They both went to school there :)

I loved the tables - they were so beautiful! All of the candles made for a great atmosphere.

Stay tuned for lots more of their day! Wait until you see Christine - she's a knockout!


Lindsay said...

tried some new compositions with this wedding, I love it, they are very glamorous.

Beth Berry said...

Looks great Megan! I just loved that color scheme!

Anonymous said...

every detail is perfection Megan and the bride is a beauty, can't wait to see the rest!