Jody and Jeff, the real post

Jody and Jeff had a super-sized e-session in Chicago last week. I was already there, why not? We had a great time all afternoon, with perfect weather. I took a lot, so I had a really hard time narrowing them down for the blog. This is the best I could do :)

Jody has a great smile, and they laugh a lot - I love that!

this one's cute - I love the way she looks at him

I can't wait to see her as a bride!

we stopped for some refreshments at a place on North Beach, and there was this awesome red wall - of course I made them stand in front of it!

While we were walking around, we found some yummy light in Lincoln Park

they even treated us to dinner - thanks guys!

this is neither Jody nor Jeff, but the Tin Man in Oz park - very cool! and kinda creepy. . .

I can't resist a dark alley :)

thanks guys for a great time! I can't wait for your wedding!

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