Monday I was lucky enough to participate in a fun photo bash hosted by the lovely Michelle from Under Grace Photography. The model was Crista from Studio 7 Photography, and we had fun with her and her dress, and the awesome setting of the Hyatt downtown here are a few:

this one's my favorite! I'm a sucker for dramatic lighting :)

after her bridal session, we took her fiance out of hiding and went out for a fun e-session

now there's a man who knows how to dip his woman :)

more drama at the metro station


Studio 7 Photography said...

Megan, these are stunning. Wow. I can't put them into words. I am sooooooooooooo excited!!

Anonymous said...

Megan, This is Crista's mom. These pictures are wonderful. Thanks for making her day so fun.

Michelle Ross said...

Woah! I have a picture of you taking the second picture (click on my name and it will take you to the image). The captures are STUNNING! Way to go Megan!!!

Beth Berry said...

Beautiful work! I'll be posting mine once my computer is back up and running!!!

Clary Pfeiffer said...

Stellar images Megan!!!