Lauren & Brad are Married!!

Lauren and Brad got married a few weeks ago, and my vacation put a slight damper on my blogging efforts :) The day couldn't have gone smoother, or more beautifully. Here are a few from the day:

They got married at Lafayette Park United Methodist in Soulard. I'm in love with this church! The rusticated architecture, the huge stained glass windows, everything!

And the shoes - of course!

Lauren made my job easy - not only did she plan everything out to the minute, ensuring everything went smoothly, she is impossibly gorgeous! And radiant! It's very easy to photograph her.

Her vintage lace veil was her mother's! How neat and special is that?! I love it!

yet another detail with a personal touch - the ringbearers' ring pillows - so cute!

Brad and the guys

yep. still love the church.

they had a rose petal sendoff, as they boarded their horse-drawn carriage. just like a fairytale :)

the gorgeous newlyweds!

the light was so fantastic in her suite, I had to take advantage while she was waiting for her entrance

the cake was flawless - I didn't get a piece, but it looked really good!

Brad had his own cake - paying homage to the Cards

Thanks guys for being patient and letting me go on vacation! You had a beautiful wedding!

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