Kristin + Lane

I've known Lane & Kristin for a while now [Lane is in Medical School with my sister], so I was so excited when their day finally came! Kristin is a Graphic Designer with impeccable taste, and they chose the Wren-designed church at the Churchill Memorial in Fulton, MO - which I had learned about in my Architectural History class in college! I was so excited to see the church, and to see how all of her much-thought-about details came together. Here's a photo of the church on the afternoon of the rehearsal dinner - gorgeous!

her shoes - very pretty :)

her colors were a muted fuchsia and taupe - very classic, but with a modern twist, just like Kristin

I love dresses with buttons!

the inside of the church has a TON of beautiful light - even on a rainy day like this one - Love it!

maybe I like buttons because I'm not the one who has to button them :)

I like how both Lane & Kristin's poses are almost the same - they're meant for each other!

[still love that light]

Lane's cousin did an awesome rendition of Ben Folds' 'The Luckiest' for the ceremony

the dancing was great! everyone seemed to have an awesome time. btw, LOVE her hair!

Even Grandpa got down!

Stay tuned - tomorrow I'll post more of just Kristin & Lane. The camera loved them!

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