Lena + Dustin = Awesome Wedding!

What a fantastic wedding! The conditions were perfect - blue skies, a fun couple and wedding party, and a storybook church. It was crazy hot [95˚ or something ridiculous like that] but the heat didn't melt everyone's spirits! I had a great time, and the photos reflect the awesome day. I had a really hard time narrowing down photos for the blog, so today I'm posting photos of the day, and tomorrow I'll post photos of Lena & Dustin and some details. Enjoy!

St. Paul Church, in St. Paul, MO - perfection!

I got to follow the groom around for a change! Here he is for a last-minute adjustment.

the very photogenic ring bearer - he's so cute!

they were so relaxed they were cracking up during their vows!

she is so genuinely happy, I can't help but smile when I see this pic

the ladies, very pretty in pink

the stunning cake - very tasty!

they got each other pretty good, but I think he got the worst of it :)

the reception was a blast! I love when everybody dances! Here's Dustin, doing his trademark shimmy - I love the look on the bridesmaids' faces!

two hops this time!

and everybody clap!
Thanks guys for the great day and the great pictures!

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