Ty & Richie are Sooo Married!

Saturday I had a wonderful time photographing Ty & Richie's beautiful wedding. Twelve hours flew by as we had great locations and fun people to hang out with. The day was gorgeous and sunny, and it started raining, but not until we had taken lots of photos, so everything worked out great! The wedding was so big I'm gonna split it over two posts. Here are some highlights from the wedding, and tomorrow I'll post photos of the oh-so-cute and photogenic couple.
Again, let's start with the shoes!

these were awesome and so fun to photograph!

the wedding was at the Butterfly House - a beautiful location

they're so sweet! they did this all day :o) they would also say 'we are sooo married!' - hence the title

the party got started early in the limo - the way it should be!

after shooting for a few hours at MoBot, it started raining. no worries, though!

the butterfly theme carried over to the cake - it was delicious, too!

the bride's second dress - I've always wished I could wear something like this!

the first dance - they look so happy!

I love when this happens!

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